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Homer Simpson
Safety Inspector
Burns Nuclear Power
Location: Springfield
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Marge Simpson
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Lisa Simpson
Jazz Musician
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Bart Simpson
Location: Springfield
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Maggie (the baby) Simpson
Full Time Baby

Abe (Grampa) Simpson

Monty Burns
Evil C.E.O.
Burns Nuclear Power
Location: Burns Manor

Waylon Smithers
Dedicated Lackey
Burns Nuclear Power

Moe Szyslak
Bartender / Owner
Moe's Tavern

Barney Gumble
Professional Drunk
Location: A Barstool

Chief Clancy Wiggum
Springfield P.D.

Robert "Side Show Bob" Terwilliger
Location: Cell-block D

Krusty the Clown Krustofski
Drunken Clown
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Apu Sheashma
Kwik-e Mart