The JoomGlossary component is a simple to use glossary for your website. If you have a listing of terms that you would like to display for your users, this is the component you need. Simple setup, light-weight, and Joomla Native, this component will have your glossary needs solved in just a few steps.


- Joomla Extension Type -
A component is an installable extension that allows you to add new functionality to a Joomla CMS website. The JoomGlossary is a component.


- Joomla Extension Type -
A module allows you to add certian functionality to specific pages on your website. The footer on this page is a Custom HTML module provided by Joomla.


- Joomla Extension Type -
Plugins are installable extensions that allow you to extend some of the core features of Joomla CMS.


- Joomla Extension -
A plugin used to display a simple popup style container that uses cookies to remember a users selection. This is a great plugin for limiting access to sensitive areas of your site where a user must verify they consent to viewing the content.


- Liquid -
A simple mixture of Hydrogen and Oxygen in a 2:1 mixture that sustains life. Dasani makes good drinking water.